Insects as food & feed of the future

Insect Training

Want to learn to produce Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Yellow Mealworms, Crickets or Grasshoppers?

Together with our partners, we offer an integral training for the production of several insects including quality control, SOP's and hands-on guidance.

Basic course Insect training

Suitable for: enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to start with insect breeding or the insect industry

Important background and theory on the breeding of insects
Hands-on practicals
Essential breeding techniques and information about climate regulation
Business case opportunities
6 sessions (on location)

Insect Processing Course

Suitable for: feed millers, food technologists & feed professionals
Key insect processing techniques for feed
Quality & safety management
Hands-on practical work
Value chain overview
3 days (on-site)

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Breeding 

Suitable for: insect start up's and entrepreneurs
Key insect production techniques 
Processing techniques
Quality & safety management
Hands-on practical work
between 20-40 sessions (on-site/remote)

If you want to know more about these trainings, feel free to send us an email