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ProEnto is proud to announce it has developed a highly accurate Neonate Counter for hatching & dosing of Black Soldier Fly Neonate larvae.

This counter is usable for BSF farmers that need more insight in their production, in research operations or feed stock conversion improvement. Accurate measuring gives the knowledge needed to improve feed efficiency, conversion rates and overall performance.

Benefits of our Neonate Counter:

  • Perfect for research due to accurate dosing of 100, 1000 or any amount of live neonate larvae
  • Accurate counting of neonate larvae to measure the hatching rate of eggs
  • Measuring of hatching rates to monitor and improve breeding efficiency
  • Monitoring of performance for continuous production and quality control
  • Automatic continuous dosing of live neonates in collector with starting diet
  • Less labor for sieving, weighing & sampling based on extrapolation
  • No more estimating on weight and averages of sampling 5DOL
  • Continuous growth to full size larvae with less handling
  • Hatch BSF eggs in a perfect climate-controlled hatchery
  • Higher accuracy compared to manual counting

Features:Demo of our NeonateCounter - ProEnto

  • Modular design for easy configuration and assembly
  • Adjustable amounts per dose of neonate larvae
  • Adjustable temperature and humidity
  • Remote access for monitoring and adjustments
  • Small footprint 
  • Client based configurations
  • Alerting system by email or sms 

Modular system with several core modules:

  • Incubator & Hatchery
  • Counter
  • Dosing unit
  • Nursery unit (if needed)
  • Hardware controller


  • 3-5 Modular units for hatching, counting, dosing and system
  • Climate controlled humidity & temperature
  • Hardware controller with machine vision and lighting
  • Custom build software
  • Touchscreen 7 inch for on-site control and monitoring

Additional options:

  • Backup power unit
  • Software adjustments per client with custom options 
  • Conveyors for crates & stackers to client’s needs
  • Feed line for hatching diet

The "NeoNate Counter"is a fully climatised system to maintain optimum conditions for the small neonate larvae to grow quickly up 4 or 5 day old larvae, before dosing them in crates for feedstock conversion. It is perfet for monitoring hatching rates and to be able to react quickly on reducing performace. Ideal for testing and monitoring, as well as increase in production and efficiency

In comparation with manual counting of 5 day old larvae, a significant improvement on accurancy can be archieved as only live neonates are counted. 


Are you ready for the next level in BSF farming?

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