Insects as feed & food of the future

Benefits of Neonate Counter:

  • Higher accurancy compared to manual sieving, weighing and dosing by extrapolation
  • Higher survivability of larvae, no more stressing during 
  • Only living larvae are counted
  • Dosing between 100 up to 100.000 larvae per crate
  • Constant monitoring of hatching rates to be able to improve and control breeding programmes
  • Small footprint
  • Easy integration into conveyance systems
  • No more manual counting, less labor needed, cost reduction

Modular system with 3 core modules:

  • Incubator & Hatchery
  • Counter & Dosing unit
  • Hardware unit

Fully climatised system to maintain optimum conditions for the small neonate larvae to grow quickly up 4 or 5 day old larvae, before dosing them in crates for feedstock conversion.

In comparation with manual counting of 5 day old larvae, a significant improvement on accurancy can be archieved as only live neonates are counted. 


  • Easy monitoring of counted neonates, temperatures, humidity and crate history via web interface
  • Easy adjustments of climate and total amounts of Neonates per crate
  • Remote access for monitoring and signaling
  • Modular design for easy transport, 
  • Highly compatible with different egg holders

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