Insects as feed & food of the future


Cies RoskamCies Roskam

founder | General director & innovator

Entrepreneur since 2001, working in Trading, Food industry & IT Services with an international mindset. Passion for insects as food and feed since 2012.
Specialized in Black Soldier Fly business development and trainer for breeding and production.


Monica HuertaMonica Huerta Aguiñaga

Co-founder | Communication and sales

As a co-founder of ProEnto, Monica is on a mission for a sustainable better and healthier planet for the next generations to come. She is your contact for sales and communication in Latin America and Spain. 

Jochem J.

Technical R&D & Process Optimisation

Graduated at the TU Delft in The Netherlands and working at ProEnto for technical development and research. He was at the core of the brains of our Neonate Counter and Dosing unit (prototyped and under development) that is expected to become commercial in 2023.


Reinier D.

Business consultant

Reinier has been an independent advisor for ProEnto since 2019 with over 10 years experience in indoor vertical and insect farming, specialised in business development and technological solutions with a no nonsense approach. 

Other partners and team members

Whenever our team is too small, we work with international independent advisors, researchers and representatives that assist us in the services that we provide. 

If you want to become part of this external network of specialists, send us an email!



If you are interested in an internship or just want to be part of the team of ProEnto, feel free to contact us and write us an email with your curriculum and a motivation letter. No promises, but we are frequently contacted by partnering companies or clients that are looking for insect entosiasts and specialists.